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Ziva David icon challenge community

Ziva David/Cote de Pablo Challenge Community
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a challenge comm for ziva david of ncis.

Community Info:
This icon challenge community is for the character of Ziva David of NCIS (which airs on CBS).

Ziva David is a Mossad liason for the NCIS team. She was added to the team in Season 3 of the series, as a replacement for special agent Caitlin Todd. David is a well respected agent who has shown her comittment to the team and to her friends.

Challenges will usually focus on a specific episode or theme, or of a photo shoot of the actress. There will be the occasional "random/potpourri" set of pictures chosen from different episodes. (I say this because there are only so many episodes and will be only so many episodes and to avoid repition of them as much as possible.)
1. When entering a challenge, please post your entries as a comment on the challenge post (which will be screened) and submit just the image like below:

If you want to include the url as well (as some other challenges do) feel free to, but know it is not necessary.
2. Enter up to 6 (six) icons.
3. The icons must conform to LJ's standards. (100x100 px, no larger than 40kb, and either .gif, .png, or .jpg file formats)
4. No animation unless otherwise stated.
5. Blending is allowed, but only half of your entries can be blended. Meaning if you submit 4 icons, 2 can be blended. Blending= combining more than one cap in an icon (the same cap repeated is fine).
6. Textures, brushes, and text are allowed.
7. Icons must be new and do not post your icons anywhere else until voting for the challenge has finished in order to keep anonymity.
8. You must be a member of the comm to submit icons
9. VOTE! But don't vote for yourself, and don't ask others to vote for you. It's not fair. You don't have to be a member to vote, however no anonymous votes will be accepted.
10. There have to be at least THREE (3) submissions before there will be a voting. TWO (2) of those should be from someone else than a moderator. If those numbers are not reached, there will either be an extension of the challenge or we will skip to the next challenge and a mod will pick one icon from each submission for a participation banner.
10PM EST: Voting for last challenge posted. New challenge posted
10PM EST: Results of last challenge are posted.

While I attempt to get things done on time, sometimes (okay a lot of times but I'm working on it!) life takes over. Because I know how that can be, if either voting or results aren't up by the schedule, you may still submit/vote. Only once voting/winners are up are those completely closed. That being said, please try and get things done before the deadlines. Sometimes I wait to see if last minute entries come in and end up waiting too long.

A handy time conversion tool is here.

A note on Voting: Voting categories will be based on how many entries/contestants there are. The more contestants, the more categories. Categories most often used: First, Second, Third, Best Use of Color, Best Use of Crop, Best Use of Text, and Most Creative. I will also give out a Mod's choice in every challenge.

Current header and icon by coolceruleanblu. Current Header Winners. Layout and original header by coolceruleanblu.

Don't forget to watch NCIS, Tuesdays at 8PM EST on CBS.

If you would like to affiliate with zivacote_stills, please comment on this entry here.


*please note if you delete your comm i am deleting it from the affiliates so if you start it up again you'll have to tell me :)